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Owner Tom Kann preparing for an attic insulation project.

About Us

Tom Kann is the owner of the Dubuque-based KANNDO PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. KANNDO has been cleaning carpeting in the Dubuque area for the past 30+ years. During that time the company's employees have completed instructional courses in a variety of carpet cleaning areas, including: Carpet Cleaning and Advanced Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Advanced Upholstery Cleaning, Odor Control, Smoke and Fire Restorations, Water Damage Restoration, Carpet Repair and Reinstallation, and Carpet Color Repair. These certifications are received by attending classes and completion of written exams.

They focus on consumer education and have dedicated their company to providing the consumer with the latest information, so the consumer can make an educated decision on choosing a carpet cleaning company. They provide a 24 hour free recorded consumer information message that allows consumers to phone a recorded number and listen to the differences in carpet cleaning methods and provides questions to ask a carpet cleaner before inviting them into their home.

The recording number is 1-888-769-5661. This consumer information is also provided in a booklet form and may be obtained by calling 563-556-6168 or 1-800-556-6168.

KANNDO is sought out by the major carpet manufactures, such as Dupont, Solutia, and Monsanno, to provide service for their warranty customers. Providing service for the manufacturers requires expertise that most Carpet Cleaning Companies cannot provide.

KANNDO is always ready to assist the media in providing protection for consumers. They are part of a nationwide campaign to eliminate the bait and switch Carpet Cleaning Companies that prey on the uneducated.


Owner Tom Kann moving artwork.

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